RollPros recently passed the 30 million joint mark, meaning more than 30 million joints have been produced by our disruptive Blackbird machine. We wrangled Kyle Loucks and Nick Buck, (CEO and COO), to give us some insights on what this means to them, us, the pre-roll category, and the cannabis world at large.

What is the significance of passing the 30 million joint mark?

KYLE: 30 million is insane, that number makes me so pleased that this cannabis movement isn’t just a fad or the next bump in the market. 30 million means this is a community of believers and users that are enjoying a more fulfilling life or a better experience with their time on our planet.

NICK: Passing the 30 million joint mark proves consumers are ready for a better preroll in a market that has historically been flooded with highly variable and often low quality products. With the trajectory we’re witnessing, it’s only a matter of time before dispensary shelves are filled with Blackbird prerolls.

What does it mean to the RollPros business?

KYLE: It is 100% validation. Validation that this was a good idea and validation that there are other people who share the same (high) standards for joints, and that this business is here to stay, and will continue to grow and innovate.

NICK: It’s proof that we’ve developed a product that resonates with processors AND consumers.

What does it mean to the RollPros team? Do you/they feel proud? Excited? Enthusiastic? Vindicated?

KYLE: Everyone loves to be a part of something larger than themselves, and our team definitely understands what it takes on a day to day basis to create a movement like this one. It takes hard work, grit, creativity and dedication. Thankfully, we’ve assembled a team that has all of those things in spades.

NICK: Knowing that our machines have made over 30 million joints validates the hard work our team has poured into the mission of providing quality joints for all. Everybody on our team is extremely passionate about the products we produce and this is just one more data point that proves we’re moving in the right direction.

This is a huge benchmark. What comes next?

KYLE: More innovation, more markets, more experiences, more more more!

NICK: We have some pretty cool things happening in our R&D department that we think the industry will be excited about. Most developments underway are direct responses to market feedback.

Are the joints rolled per month growing more quickly as more and more machines are in the wild?

KYLE: Yes, there is a significant correlation between the machines deployed to total joints rolled, this was to be expected. I think that the more interesting fact is how operators are collaborating with our support team more closely than ever, and that interaction is increasing their outputs significantly. We see operators hitting numbers we didn’t think were possible, and doing so without impacting their product quality.

NICK: Yes, market trends show that prerolls made with our machine are becoming more and more popular everyday, which means our clients are rolling more and more to support the increase in demand.

When do you think we could hit 60 million joints rolled? 100 million?

KYLE: At this rate, 60 million could be here by the end of the year, and 100 million very shortly thereafter! Soon the whole world will have Blackbird-produced joints on their shelf!

NICK: I think we’ll hit 60 million by early 2024 and 100 million by early 2025. The sky is the limit!