The Blackbird Rolling System

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PreRoll Automation ― Done Right

Our Blackbird Rolling System is an industry-born technology designed specifically for the cannabis market.

This system is fully automated, capable of producing 750+ joints per hour, and utilizes our patented TruRoll™ radial compaction method to deliver uniform, high-density rolls.

An intuitive HMI control panel keeps the Blackbird Rolling System fully automated, eliminating human touchpoints and greatly eliminating the risk of contamination or damage to the final product.

The Blackbird Rolling System is a versatile machine perfect for small to large operations.

Blackbird General Sepcs

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Production of up to 750+ per hour dependent on strain

+/- 0.03 g Of Accuracy

Guaranteed weights with our automated, auto-taring scale

TruRoll™ Technology 

Through radial compaction we create an even density premium preroll

1 Operator Required

Replaces large multi-person teams; only 1 operator needed to run the Blackbird

Years Of Knowledge

Believe it or not our Blackbird has been operational for over 4 years

Infused? No Problem

Our patented TruRoll™ technology allows you the ability to run infused products

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