The RollPros Blackbird is the world’s only automated pre-roll machine that rolls joints instead of stuffing cones.

Pre-Rolled Cone Filling Machines

Blackbird By The Numbers



pre-rolls per hour


Cost per unit




42″H x 45″W x 22″D


110V, 15A

Pre-Roll Diameter:


Recommended moisture:


Recommended grind:

Course, fluffy

Joint length:


Did we mention it’s CHEAPER?

The price tag on the Blackbird is lower than virtually all other competitors in its class.

More importantly, the cost of production is up to 80% less than our cone-based “competitors.”

How much can you save in production costs?

Choose Your Own Adventure

We don’t know your customers, brand or market…

But you do.

The Blackbird gives you the flexibility you need to create products that are on-brand and connect with your ideal customers.

6 mm wide “dog walkers” with branded paper crutches and rice paper for an economical and convenient multi-pack? We’ve got you covered!

High-quality, infused flower with a hemp wrapper, glass tip, and “fat” 9.5mm form factor? Definitely!

automatic joint filler machine

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Answers to some common questions about the Blackbird.

Does RollPros offer customer service?

RollPros is your pre-rolls partner. Working with us is much more than purchasing a Blackbird Rolling System–instead it’s like a partnership with another like-minded business who cares if you succeed. RollPros’ customer service team works out of our Washington facility alongside our engineers, creating a unique environment equipped to provide personalized customer service to every business, no matter what your needs are. Our team is accessible to you whenever you need us. Whatever may happen, we’re there to get you back up and running again as soon as possible. Because your business’s success is our business! We know that our technology will improve your operation. But, to us, that’s just the beginning!

Does RollPros offer any financing options?

Yes! We work with the best lenders in the business to offer a number of financing options with generous terms. Whether you prefer capex or opex, we’re confident we can make a RollPros Blackbird work, regardless of your operation’s scale or your budget.

Where is the Blackbird manufactured?

We are proud to say the Blackbird is an American-made product, and we remain committed to bringing good, well-paying jobs to our community.

Every component on the Blackbird Rolling System is manufactured within a 10 mile radius of our facility in Vancouver, Washington, and each unit is assembled by RollPros’ team of genius-level techs and engineers. They are passion-driven individuals that love what they do!

What is TruRoll technology?

TruRoll is one of the key features that separate the Blackbird from all other automated joint rolling machines. An important industry advancement, TruRoll technology is our proprietary radial compaction method that delivers uniform, even-density pre-rolled joints. It mimics the compaction used when a joint is rolled by hand. While there are a handful of other machines on the market that have been adapted from cigarette manufacturing, no other machine on the market actually ROLLS the joint, despite what they might claim. You can even change the amount of tension in the rolling process, creating a denser or looser fill based on the strain used, product specs, and consumer demand. Want an easier draw? Dial down the tension, or vice versa.

How is biomass accurately weighed?

The Blackbird Rolling System uses a scale accurate to 0.01g, which provides users with control over the accuracy of each pre-roll unit they produce.

Why choose a Blackbird rolling system over other automated pre-roll systems?

The Blackbird Rolling System produces hundreds of pre-rolled joints, similar to those rolled by hand, in a short amount of time. The system employs RollPros’ patented TruRoll™ radial compaction method to deliver uniform, high-density pre-rolled joints—similar to those rolled by hand. In comparison, alternative automated pre-roll machines use vibration and pressure to force fill pre-rolled paper cones. These first generation systems offer little to no customization and commonly produce inconsistent, low-quality pre-rolls. The Blackbird was designed from the ground up to fix the issues currently plaguing commercial pre-roll production, and produce a product that performs better by every measurement. Did we mention the cost of goods for each joint is significantly lower than those using pre-formed cones? In some cases, 80% less.

Does the Blackbird rolling system provide any type of reporting?

All Blackbird Rolling Systems are connected to the AWS Cloud. Data is collected from each machine and backed up to the cloud daily. Customers can access and integrate the data collected into their own existing reporting systems and processes–providing operations with additional pre-roll production insights they can leverage.

How many pre-rolled joints can I produce in an hour?

The Blackbird Rolling System has a clocking speed of approximately 1000 pre-rolled joints per hour. In an average 8-hour shift you can expect to produce around 6000 joints. These numbers are based on actual customer data, not hypothetical, pie-in-the-sky output that many of our competitors claim in their marketing materials. Still skeptical? Let us show you! Click here to book a demo.

How many operators does it take to run the Blackbird?

The Blackbird typically requires only 1 team member to operate. That includes refilling the machine with flower as needed, monitoring the settings and adjusting based on flower and product requirements, and doing a basic QA check on the pre-rolls produced by the machine.

What is a bobbin of paper?

Behold, the power of the bobbin! A “bobbin” is a large roll of paper used in commercial applications. It is considered a raw format, meaning it hasn’t been folded or manipulated beyond the paper production process. The Blackbird uses paper in bobbin form. This is in contrast to pre-formed cones that are used by nearly all other automated pre-roll machines. A single bobbin can produce approximately 45,000 pre-rolls and can fit on a 2×2 ft shelf. Compare that to 45,000 pre-formed cones that take up an entire storage room. There’s also shipping costs and considerations. At RollPros, we stock 3 paper types at all times, and can overnight a new bobbin to you at the drop of a hat. With pre-formed cones, you are most likely ordering from overseas, and lead times are often 8-10 weeks.

How do you clean and maintain the blackbird rolling system?

The Blackbird Rolling System is constructed of several sub-assemblies. These sub-assemblies improve a user’s ability to maintain and clean each system without difficulty. A brief, steady path for the flower to follow also reduces biomass loss–which means less waste and clean up.

When a custom run is completed, or the Blackbird has run approximately 8 hours, our engineers recommend the machine’s food-safe and flower touching components are thoroughly wiped down with isopropyl. (estimated time: 30 to 45 minutes)

If things get a little messy throughout your run, no problem. The machine has an integrated compressed air wand for a quick blast of air to clean up. (estimated time: 30 seconds)

Every week or as required by local regulations, a deeper cleaning is suggested. The machine’s safety doors can easily be removed for a thorough wipe down. Due to its sub-assembly construction, any flower touching components can easily be removed to ensure total sanitation is achieved. (estimated time: 45 minutes to an hour).

What are the space requirements for the Blackbird?

The Blackbird has a small footprint and fits in virtually every space imaginable. It is the only commercial-scale joint machine that can roll through a standard door with ease. Its physical footprint is a mere 4ft x 2.5ft x 3 ft and sits nicely on our custom-built Blackbird Roller Table that features lots of storage, locking casters, and leveling ability.

What paper options are available for the Blackbird?

RollPros stocks 3 primary paper types for customers: Natural, Rice, and Organic Hemp. If you are interested in a more customized option and have the capacity to order in large quantities, we are partners with one of the world’s largest and oldest paper companies and can help facilitate.

What type of custom branded options do I have with this machine?

Customers can select from a variety of different size filter tips and customize them with their branding for a few cents more over non-branded options. Much like branded cones that most customers have become used to, RollPros customers have the same ability to customize their prerolls ensuring branding can remain consistent across the board.

Can I adjust the weight of my pre-rolls?

Yes! Not only that, but the Blackbird Rolling System is infinitely adjustable, giving users total control over their automated pre-roll joint formulas. Using the machine’s enhanced settings–which come standard on all machines–operators can produce a wide range of pre-rolled joint products. Multiple SKUs, strain information, grind sizes, extract blends or other unique pre-roll joint formulas can be saved to the system, allowing operators to reuse or fine tune their settings as often as they like.