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While the pre-roll category shows steady growth in most markets, Oregon bucks the trend with a downward turn. Competition is increasing with new brands and products continuing to pop up in the already-crowded field. Who wins and who loses in this scenario? And where are the hidden opportunities?


This is a first look at one of the nation’s hottest and newest markets. With the transition to adult-use in Missouri at the end of February 2023, it is still very much in flux. That said, we feel it is valuable to present you with an early glance at this fresh cannabis friendly-state.


With anemic growth of only 2%, the pre-roll category in Massachusetts is an odd duck. Many of the trends we see in other markets simply don’t appear here. The brand leaderboard is chaotic, with double digit moves from every operator on the list. So what gives? Let’s take a closer look.


Consumers are pouring into the pre-roll category in Michigan, with infused pre-rolls exploding in popularity. The field is wide open, and while revenue is growing, the competition isn’t. It’s a perfect environment to boost revenue with new products and product lines. But which ones? It’s simple… follow the money.


With $5.31 billion in sales in 2022, the California cannabis market is the largest in the world. It’s bigger than all of Canada, and more than double the size of the next closest U.S. state market (likely Michigan by this point). The movements we see in this report aren’t surprising, but what will turn heads is the degree to which they have evolved.


Is it just us, or does the Arizona cannabis market seem to stay mostly out of the national headlines? We don’t see stories of imminent collapse, media hype, or overblown industry personalities. It just continues to grow steadily, at its own pace. That goes for the pre-roll category as well; casually moving up and to the right. However, despite its quietness, there are some real headlines and eyebrow raisers to this market that make it unique from all others we’ve covered so far.