Frequently Asked Questions

We know you’ve got questions. We’ve got the answers. As we continue to innovate the market through our Blackbird Rolling System we wanted you to know more about us. Learn more about RollPros and what we can do for you by reading our general FAQs.

How long has RollPros been around? +

Our first machine began running 4 years ago. We spent the better part of 2017-2019 ensuring our Blackbird was ready for customers by running hundreds of thousands of rolls. We ran everything from the dryest, most fine ground flower to the fluffiest, stickiest stuff we could get our hands on to ensure the Blackbird remained a versatile all-in-one solution.

During 2020 we saw our first machines delivered to the industry across multiple markets. With an increased demand leading into 2021 we continued to expand our reach nationally from the shores of California to the Cape of Massachusetts.

This technology has in some ways continued to be the best-kept secret for operators of all sizes to become the "PreRoll" powerhouse in their states!

Why should we choose the RollPros Blackbird over other automated solutions? +

The Blackbird Rolling System is the only automated solution to achieve a radially compacted roll. All other technologies only allow you to fill cones which leads to increased overhead, higher materials costs, but most importantly a poor smoking experience for your customers.

We know that our technology will improve your operation. But, to us, that's just the beginning of how we can impact this industry. We feel the most important element that sets us apart is our devotion to customer service. We believe in old-school customer service, actual support, and remaining accessible to you every day. That's why working with RollPros is much more than our machine technology but instead a relationship with a brand who cares about your success.

What is TruRoll™ technology? +

TruRoll™ technology is the RollPros patented method of rolling joints through our machine using radial compaction. Gone are the days of accepting poorly packed cones. We have automated the rolling method which originated in the cigar industry to provide an incredibly efficient way of improving your rolling process.

How many rolls can I achieve per hour? +

Our Blackbird Rolling System consistently outputs 750 rolls per hour at +/- 0.03g. Faster speed is certainly possible, especially if you're rolling hemp but can lead to a bit less accuracy.