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Manufactured in the USA and designed specifically for the cannabis industry, the Blackbird empowers brands to produce products that build consumer loyalty. Learn how the Blackbird will accelerate your businesses growth and profitability in the pre-roll category.
Automatic Pre-Roll Machine
Automated Pre-Roll Machine
automatic joint rolling machine
pre roll cone machine
automatic cone roller

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Automated Pre-Roll Machine

Rebel Spirit

Rebel Spirit was flying high in Oregon, producing 300,000 cone-style pre-rolls per month with a 22 person crew and knock boxes. But then came the collapse of the market in 2019, bringing wholesale and retail prices crashing to just 20% of the previous year’s value. They knew they needed to automate their production process, or face the end of their business. But they weren’t willing to compromise the quality of their products. Watch the Rebel Spirit story to learn how they not only survived, but soared to new heights in the world’s toughest cannabis market.

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