Exceptional Support

Beyond customer service.

We believe in the spirit of partnership! Your success is our success, and it underpins everything we do at RollPros. We celebrate your wins with you, and help you through bumps and pivots when they come. Regardless of where your business is now, we are always there when you need help.

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Lifetime Support

Every Blackbird unit comes with lifetime support from the RollPros customer service team. Our in-house experts are ready to help regardless of the problem, providing remote diagnostics, troubleshooting, and instruction. We understand that every second your Blackbird isn’t operating is costing you money, and we conduct ourselves accordingly.

In-House Refresh

Lose an operator? Need an extra refresher on Blackbird operation? Join us at our facility in Vancouver, Washington for a session at RollPros University. We offer in-house instruction year round to all RollPros customers. We’ll even give you your own letter jacket.

Supply Chain Protection

We stock all consumables at our HQ, ready to ship out whenever you need them. No need to place huge orders of cones and wait 8 weeks for them to arrive. Run out of paper? We’ll have a fresh bobbin to your door the next day. Need more crutches? Here’s your tracking number. Everything you need to operate your Blackbird and produce exceptional joints is housed in our facility, and ready to be shipped to you overnight.

Stack of paper bobbins
Industry Connectivity

Nobody is better connected than RollPros. We have excellent relationships with vendors and partners across all corners of the pre-roll world. Need help with fresh packaging? We’ll make the introductions for you. Can’t find a good designer to help with your brand? We can help. When you become a customer of RollPros, our network becomes your network, and we are excited to share it with you. It’s just another way we add value to the RollPros customer experience.