RollPros supports our community.

At RollPros, we are proud to say that our products are American Made. All components are manufactured within 10 miles of our facility in Vancouver, Washington, and the Blackbird is built entirely in-house. We are committed to creating and sustaining well-paying, stable jobs in our community.
But that’s not enough.
There’s another set of RollPros team members that you’re likely to see when you visit our offices. Maja, Charlotte, Gizmo, Kevin, Belle or Ellie spend many days wandering through our facility and soaking up all the scratches, snuggles, and treats they can. We here at RollPros are DOG PEOPLE, and love having our 4-legged companions around.

The focus of our corporate social responsibility program is animal rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption, and why we recognize our pets as valuable members of our team, community, and families (alongside their humans).

Our Team
RollPros is honored to provide support to the Oregon Dog Rescue, a no-kill shelter and 501(c) non-profit organization based in Portland.
In addition to ongoing monetary donations, RollPros team members get paid time off to walk dogs at the rescue, providing them with much-needed exercise and individual attention until they are adopted into their forever home.

Please consider making your own contribution to this excellent organization, and help them in their mission to match dogs in need with their new best friends

RollPros + Oregon Dog Rescue