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We’ve Passed the 30 Million Joint Mark and Feeling Validated

RollPros recently passed the 30 million joint mark, meaning more than 30 million joints have been produced by our disruptive Blackbird machine. We wrangled Kyle Loucks and Nick Buck, (CEO and COO), to give us some insights on what this means to them, us, the pre-roll category, and the cannabis world at large.

The Power of Differentiation: How Emerging Market Entrepreneurs Can Stand Out in the Pre-Roll Category

Have aspirations to launch the next big pre-roll brand? You’ll need more than just choice bud and an aesthetic logo. Pairing the Blackbird with classic competitive strategy concepts can help you differentiate your cannabis brand and protect the world from sub-par joint sessions. Read more.

The Current State of the Pre-Roll Joint

Ready to revolutionize your pre-roll game? Discover the five reasons most pre-rolls are subpar and learn how to take your pre-roll production to the next level in our latest blog: “State of the Pre-Roll.”

Crutches / Filters Explained

A joint’s crutch, also called the filter, tip, or mouthpiece keeps unwanted cannabis particles and ashes out of the mouth. Crutches also provide structural rigidity to the joint, reduce cannabis waste by allowing users to smoke a joint to its end without burning their fingers or mouth.