It’s a Fact: Consumers
Are Loyal to a Consistent
Pre-Roll Experience

Think about your own pre-roll experiences for a second. We’ve all had a cone or two tarnish a smoking session because of a poor pack that caused it to canoe and/or pull like sh*t. Have you ever bought a pre-roll from those brands again? We’re guessing no.

You behave the same with any other product you’ve tried that doesn’t work well. Maybe you had a car with a transmission that went bad, so now you don’t buy that make. Or you purchased clothing from a store that ripped after the first couple wears, so now you don’t shop that label.

Regardless of the product, if it provides a poor experience, even just once, consumers aren’t going to purchase it again. Which is why it’s so important your pre-rolls make a fire first impression.

For the Consumer, the Options Are Endless

In the pre-roll market—and the cannabis market, in general—consistency matters because the consumer has so. many. choices. Despite the industry being siloed by state, competition is fierce. If your pre-roll doesn’t hit right the first time, there’s no reason for a consumer to give you a second chance. No matter what state you’re in, there are hundreds of other brands they can choose to try instead.

Even in legacy markets, competition continues to increase. Take Oregon, for example. Despite their overall market being down 5 percent between Q3 and Q4 of 2022—with the pre-roll category being down a whopping 10 percent—18 new pre-roll brands still entered the Oregon market over that same time period.

And although we’re all pumped for the day cannabis becomes federally legal, it’s also going to open up states’ already steep competition to the entire country. Meaning, the time to secure a consistent pre-roll under your brand is now, because your future (and current) competitors are already doing so.

Rolled Pre-Rolls Earn Top Spots

The best way to create a consistently hitting pre-roll experience is…surprise—with a consistently hitting pre-roll product. A machine that stuffs a pre-roll cone simply can’t create that because of how it functions. A cone-stuffing machine is going to tamp your product down, creating a tight pack by the crutch with a looser pack by the tip. That means it almost guarantees a canoed joint. So, you could say it provides a consistent experience, just not the one you want.

Rolled pre-rolls, on the other hand, consistently burn and hit evenly, which is why we were all rolling our joints well before the industry was established—not stuffing cones. RollPros’ BlackBird is the only automated pre-roll rolling machine on the market, and our customers have proven that the consistent experience the BlackBird provides earns consumer loyalty, even in the toughest of markets.

Rebel Spirit Rolls With the Best of Them

For example, in our deep dive into the Oregon market, our customer Rebel Spirit saw significant growth between Q3 and Q4 of 2022 thanks to the consistent pre-roll experience they can offer their customers.

We explored the top 20 pre-roll brands in the state, and they were the only one to show double-digit growth (19 percent, to be exact) quarter over quarter, securing their spot in the top three brands in the state.

They were also the only brand with two products in the top 10 (based on revenue). Their .5g Hybrid 10-pack was the best-selling pre-roll product in the state by a margin of several hundred thousand dollars, and their .7g Hybrid 12-pack was right behind it, coming in as the eighth best-selling pre-roll product in the state. Both products are rolled using the BlackBird.

Benson Arbor’s Growth Rolls Along Smoothly

Another of our customers, Benson Arbor, also earned a top-five spot in the Oregon market, coming in fifth out of 256 brands based on revenue. Keep in mind, they only started using the BlackBird last year, and they’re already a top-five brand.

Their .6g Hybrid 12-pack is also the fifth-best-selling product in the state, bringing in nearly $300,000 between Q3 and Q4 of 2022—about $60,000 more than the next best product.

Trust the Numbers

Brands that use the BlackBird guarantee a consistently well-hitting, evenly-packed pre-roll. And consumers who smoke them notice—and remain loyal to them.

Oregon’s market is well established, so if newer pre-roll brands like Benson Arbor can make it into the top five brands and products sold after just one year of rolling with the BlackBird, that means educated consumers notice, remember, and seek out a product that does the job well. And they’re willing to leave behind established brands that don’t deliver the same quality experience.

If you’re in a newer market, it means you have the opportunity to introduce the uneducated consumer to a high-quality experience now, before they assume a poorly burning stuffed cone is the status quo. Doing so can earn those smokers’ loyalty for life.

Get in touch with RollPros today to secure your spot in the top brands of your state’s market now, before competition opens up to the entire country.