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How Green Is Your Pre-Roll Process?

Pre-rolls were once a niche, low-quality category meant as an easy way for manufacturers to profit off of leftover bud and a convenient way for consumers to catch a quick buzz. But product perception and purchasing trends are evolving, and consumers are becoming more and more interested in pre-rolls and their benefits. Brands now have the...

The Current State of the Pre-Roll Joint

Ready to revolutionize your pre-roll game? Discover the five reasons most pre-rolls are subpar and learn how to take your pre-roll production to the next level in our latest blog: “State of the Pre-Roll.”

Crutches / Filters Explained

A joint’s crutch, also called the filter, tip, or mouthpiece keeps unwanted cannabis particles and ashes out of the mouth. Crutches also provide structural rigidity to the joint, reduce cannabis waste by allowing users to smoke a joint to its end without burning their fingers or mouth.

Commercial Grinders for Pre-roll Production

A commercial grinder is capable of such a task—allowing operators to process large quantities of cannabis plant material fast. But commercial grinders also have powerful motors that heat up over time, and aggressive grinding exposes cannabis flower to additional heat produced by the kinetic energy created while grinding. When cannabis flower is heated above room temperature,...