Finally, an automated pre-roll machine that does not require pre-made cones.

Blackbird meets the challenges of cannabis’ physical properties while delivering consistent, reproducible, and uniform pre-rolled joints. In contrast to automated cone-filling machines like those that use vibratory force, gravity, and volumetric filling to load ground flower into pre-made cones.

Blackbird delivers the same standards with an increased level of accuracy, consistency, and product integrity as leading pharmaceutical fabrication, where process, repeatability and product uniformity are principal.

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Blackbird’s hopper holds 1 1/2 pounds of ground flower and can be refilled anytime during operation—keeping your pre-roll production rolling.
The vibe trays gradually feed ground flower evenly towards the scale with one purpose in mind, to evenly distribute the flow of ground flower.
Next, Blackbird weighs the grinds, using a scale that’s accurate to 0.01 g—providing operators with unmatched control over the weight consistency of each pre-roll they produce.
Blackbird’s dynamic platen applies precise tensioning to achieve optimal radial compaction, creating a true pre-roll, not a flower stuffed cone.
When filled, Blackbird’s two crutch delivery bowls feed filter tips (crutches) into place automatically.
The HMI touch screen controls speed, tension, and weight. Operators can also save their favorite flower varieties, preferred grind sizes and moisture levels, or any pre-roll recipe you’d like to use repeatedly.
Once through the rolling process, the Blackbird releases two perfect pre-rolled joints.
The paper bobbin compartment allows the Blackbird to use raw materials—its tucked discreetly away but easily accessible whenever needed.

Rolled, not Packed

The only automated pre-roll machine capable of producing pre-rolls similar to those rolled by hand

Any Grind

Control and customize cannabis pre-rolls, giving you a better way to use flower

Small Footprint

Measuring in at 45 IN. (L) X 22 IN. (W) X 42. IN. (T) and weighing 480 LBS., you’ll have loads of extra space for more rolls

learn how the Blackbird can improve your pre-roll business

the Blackbird Rolling System employs TruRoll, a radial compaction method to deliver uniform, high-density, pre-rolled joints—similar to those rolled by hand.


pre-rolling cannabis swiftly yet safely is a complicated task, which must be performed with great care. Blackbird ensures a higher quality of control by adding precision to all processes.


the Blackbird gives control and consistency in repeated pre-roll processes so you can employ flexibility and innovation elsewhere in your business model.

overhead savings

our Blackbird can perform the work of multiple people, and did we mention it also produces less material waste reducing overhead costs more


engineered to scale up with your business, the unit is completely modular, enabling you to add components

small footprint

measuring in at 45 in. (L) X 22 in. (W) X 42. in. (T) and weighing 480 lbs. you'll have loads of extra space for more rolls


our customer service team works onsite, alongside our engineers, creating a unique environment equipped to provide personalized service to every client.

turn on sound

access and integrate data collected into your own existing reporting systems and processes—providing your operations with additional pre-roll production insights to leverage.


the Blackbird delivers an increased level of accuracy, consistency, and product integrity while employing sustainable, cost-efficient, materials.

quality flower

our Blackbird maximizes cannabis pre-roll production while preserving the integrity of the flower’s key active ingredients—capable of handling varying grind sizes, dry infusions, and kief covered flower strains.

rolled, no cones required

the engineers at RollPros have solved the issue with pre-rolled cones by removing them from the equation. Blackbird's TruRoll technology uses automated radial compaction, creating an even density pre-roll worthy of being called a joint.

custom pre-rolls

the only automated pre-roll machine that allows manufacturers to select their own paper. In fact, it's the only automated system that gives a brand complete control over their product.


the only automated pre-roll machine allowing complete control over the finished product—Blackbird works with raw materials, lowering overhead paper and filter costs to just $0.03 per pre-roll.


pre-roll manufacturers gain complete control over customizing their rolls

the current standard in cannabis pre-roll manufacturing is to pulverize cannabis flower into sand in order to fill pre-rolled cones evenly, but RollPros' Blackbird is here to change that. cones rely on physics—filling a pre-rolled cone evenly requires dispensaries and retail brands to grind their flower to the consistency of fine sand. this process strips the flower of all those marvelous trichomes and degrades its quality.

changing the perception of pre-rolls

+/-0.01 g of scale accuracy

with our automated, auto-taring scale

one operator

increase efficiency and consistency of pre-rolls staff cannot

a new way to roll

radially compacting flower to create even density premium pre-rolls

infused? no problem.

our TruRoll technology can handle all those dry infusions and kief covered flower strains

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