The Boof ‘n Poof 419 Cone Stuffer is the ultimate machine for all the garbage shake, trim, and pocket lint you probably should just throw away. But don’t worry, if you accidentally put in any good flower, the built in microwave will dry it to a crisp, vaporizing any pesky profits into thin air. Then, once your flower is nice and brittle, the attached grinder will pulverize it to dust, knocking off all those unwanted trichomes and properly degrading your cannabinoids and terps. That’s when the magic happens! The angry robotic arms start whirring and spinning to stuff your boof into a paper cone made by hand in a country with sketchy labor laws. Your freshly stuffed cones will literally smell like carbon because their carbon footprint is so massive… just how cannabis smokers like it! Your customers will love that their “pre-rolls” taste like cigarettes and canoe like “the Boys on the Boat”!


      • Profit Poofer 200 built-in flower dryer
      • Dust-Maker-Flower-Pounder integrated grinder
      • 25 cone channels (1 that works, 24 that don’t)
      • 48 caster wheels so machine can be towed by tractor from one warehouse to another
      • Suitcase nuclear power station to effectively meet power needs
      • Injection system guaranteed to make your hash holes look like hash bombs
      • Includes team of 20 Oompah Loompahs to operate unit
MSRP: $1 billion dollars