The Blackbird

We've engineered the first fully automated machine for dispensaries and cannabis retail brands, designed to tackle the quality and consistency issues inherent in pre-rolls. The Blackbird Rolling System is a more efficient, cost-saving automated machine for creating premium quality rolls at scale.

A first of its kind, the Blackbird Rolling System is the only production ready automated pre-roll machine on the market that does not require pre-made cones.

The Blackbird

Ditch the cone

Our Blackbird Rolling System is optimized to meet the challenges of cannabis’ physical properties while delivering consistent, reproducible, and uniform pre-rolled joints. In contrast to automated cone-filling machines like those that use vibratory force, gravity, and volumetric filling to load ground flower into pre-made cones. Blackbird delivers the same standards with an increased level of accuracy, consistency, and product integrity as leading pharmaceutical fabrication, where process repeatability and product uniformity are principal.

Kyle Loucks 

Kyle has built a career out of engineering elegant solutions to complex problems. Highlights include creating a collapsible and conformable bone fixation implant to give surgeons the flexibility they needed during surgery while at Acute Innovations and working with Oculus AR/VR labs to create innovative solutions for their future consumer electronics. Now Kyle has set his sights on innovations within the cannabis industry, starting with the patented Blackbird that uses TruRoll™ technology.

The traditional “cone-stuffing” method uses a combination of machines and employees to fill pre-made cones. This imprecise method usually incurs an average of 20% flower waste and doesn’t offer a premium user experience. Loucks explains, “I started with trying to design a more efficient way to fill the cones. But I realized there was a fundamental problem; we were fighting physics. That’s when I decided to approach it differently and create a method that would roll like we would by hand.”

meet the founder

“As a consumer, I was so excited to get a pre-roll from a store. But it was awful. The cones were harsh; they canoed or clogged. It was just a terrible experience. Then I looked into it and found they were just filling it from the top, and that’s not how you create a good roll.”

The People Behind The Machine

“The Blackbird has been an incredible addition to our pre-roll business. Our dispensary customers appreciate the diversity of product we can offer and patients love the old school look and feel. As a company, we also appreciate the amazingly responsive customer service and technical assistance team Blackbird has standing by to ensure production never pauses.”

Jordane Fairchild, Post Harvest Manager of Sunmed Growers

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