Announcing the Rollies!

The RollPros Rollies celebrate the
achievements of our incredible partners.

At RollPros, nothing is more important than the relationship we have with our customers. That’s why we created the Rollies; to celebrate the achievements of our incredible partners, and honor their dedication to producing exceptional cannabis products. We may have provided the tools, but it’s our partners who are the true craftspeople and innovators!

The Rollies will be presented following the close of each quarter, with the inaugural class of winners honored for their work in Q3 of 2023. 

Rollies will be given
based on the following categories:

Brand Excellence

Exceptional brands become a part of the identity and life of their consumers (aka fans!) It’s not just about a logo or single product… it’s packaging, website, community, and messaging. Good brands elevate the people that follow them and build community. They stand for positive change, give back, and are driven by a purpose beyond solely profit.

Most Innovative Product

The Most Innovative Product recognizes partners that push boundaries within the pre-roll category. It could be something we haven’t seen before, or something that’s gone beyond what most operators thought was possible. While this category will largely focus on infused pre-rolls, it doesn’t exclude those that have differentiated their products with their paper, flower, tips, packaging, or other unique innovations.

Best Operator

A tool is only as good as the hand that wields it! Achieving the best possible results with the Blackbird is largely dependent on the operator. This is a person that knows the Blackbird well, and understands how to tweak it and manipulate it to produce quality joints. A great operator discovers the limitations of the Blackbird, but finds ways to go beyond those limitations.


The Speed category recognizes those that have hit output numbers we never even thought were possible! While we understand speed isn’t everything and quality should never be sacrificed for the sake of speed, a dialed-in machine running fast can be a massive boost to profitability. The Speed category winners hold the highest numbers for joints produced in a single hour during Q2 of 2023.

Video of hands rolling a joint
Man rolls joint

Most Joints
Rolled Benchmarks

The Most Joints Rolled isn’t a competitive category in the same fashion as the other categories. It is based on the achievement of the following accumulative volume benchmarks:

  • 1,000,000
  • 3,000,000

We have many incredible partners accomplishing great things with their Blackbird. It’s impossible to recognize them all in a single quarter. But with the Rollies we strive to give credit where it is due, and build excitement within our operator community. Q3 is where we start, but we’re excited to see what’s to come over the coming quarters and years!

We will announce our inaugural class of award winners via email and LIVE on Instagram at 12:00 PST, October 10.

Questions about the Rollies?

If you have questions about the RollPros Rollies, please contact