Brand Excellence:
Mercy Wellness

We are proud to recognize Mercy Wellness for Brand Excellence! Mercy has been a trusted, staple of the Sonoma County area for more than a decade. Their commitment to being a positive influence on their community is represented in their exceptional philanthropy efforts towards animal rescue, veteran support, LGBT rights, sustainability, support of the arts, and many, many other important issues. Beyond that, key to their brand is a level of transparency with their customers that we’ve rarely seen before in the industry. Their Santa Rosa location features an enormous wall-size picture window where customers can watch their favorite products being produced right in front of them (especially, of course, on their RollPros Blackbird!) Keep up the great work, Mercy Wellness!

Most Innovative Product:
El Blunto

El Blunto is known across North America as the brand behind the best blunts in the business. So when they decided it was time to jump into the pre-roll game, it had to be good to put their name on it. Their El Jointito pre-roll line was launched featuring exceptional flower (nobody would expect anything less), but with custom-branded glass tips, which was a first as far as we know. Now with diamond-infused joints in the lineup, the accolades from customers just keep coming. “Best pre-roll I’ve ever had” is a common sentiment from fans on the El Blunto social media accounts.

Exceptional Team/Operator:
Groove Solventless

Groove Solventless have most definitely hit their groove! They hit the ground running, eager to learn, and devoured and internalized everything presented with them in our onboarding program. Since that point, they’ve been in lock-step with our support team. They’ve come to us with great questions, made adjustments, and continued to improve. We applaud their commitment to the process of learning the nuances of the machine and their continued growth and success. We look forward to seeing all the incredible things they have in store with their Blackbird!