When: Thursday, June 20th at 10:00am PT
Where: Virtual – RSVP Here

Get ready for the High Notes Demo Sesh, where we bring you the cutting-edge in cannabis tech, all in an hour. Join us on June 20th for an executive demo webinar designed to give you the best insights without any fluff. Whether you’re looking to innovate your pre-roll process or optimize cultivation and storage, this session provides insights and resources to help you stay ahead in the industry.

Agenda at a glance

10:00 AM – RollPros – Kyle Loucks, CEO
10:15 AM – Mobius – Amanda James, Director of Strategy and Business Development
10:30 AM – Willow Industries – Gus Green, VP of Sales & Business Development
10:45 AM – Cannatrol – Ed Wells, Vice President of Sales

Session Details

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Kyle will provide a complete overview of the most radical technology to ever hit the pre-roll space: the Blackbird. And for those who think they’ve kept up with all its updates, think again. You’ll see it run cannabis live and learn what makes the Blackbird so different. Whether you’re new to the pre-roll space or considering a change in your current manufacturing process, this is a unique opportunity to get your questions answered directly from the inventor himself.

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With a focus on GMP and commercial-scale grows, AJ will provide a walkthrough of the M108S. The M108S Trimmer has always been the Mobius’ flagship product. Regardless of what you’re producing, pre-rolls, packaged flower or extract products, trimming is a key and often time-consuming part of the manufacturing process. The M108S Trimmer delivers hand-trim quality and incredibly efficient throughput to effectively eliminate bottlenecks in cannabis processing.

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10:30 AM - Willow Industries

Gus will provide a demonstration of Willow Industries’ flagship technology system, the WillowPure 360. This presentation will explore how Willow’s cutting-edge, ozone-based technology effectively decontaminates cannabis, ensuring a clean and safe product for consumers. He’ll walk through the operational workflow and ease of use, showcasing how the WillowPure360 is used as a proactive solution to mitigate microbes living on cannabis flower. Discover the science behind Willow’s advanced ozone treatment and see firsthand how their system sets a new standard for cannabis quality and consumer safety.

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10:45 AM - Cannatrol

Ed has become one of the leading industry experts in post-harvest environmental control and the science behind producing superior cannabis. Ed’s presentation will outline Cannatrol’s technology and product offerings including their Quick Start systems, which offer the only drying and curing solution that use the power of vapor pressure to gently dry, cure, and hold your harvest at the perfect water activity level.

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RollPros is the leader in pre-roll joint automation technology for the legal cannabis industry. Based out of Vancouver, WA, the company’s proprietary Blackbird Joint Rolling system mimics the compaction of hand-rolled joints while preserving the integrity of the flower’s essential ingredients. The company’s automation system helps cannabis businesses thrive by facilitating production of the industry’s highest-quality pre-rolls, optimizing production capacity, and freeing up key personnel to focus on critical business activities. RollPros is the first company to create a commercial joint rolling machine that does not require pre-made cones.
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Mobius is built by a team of first-generation cannabis equipment engineers who are changing the game with the next generation of cannabis processing equipment. Before Mobius, the team’s core founded several of the leading cannabis equipment brands still in the marketplace today. Now, they’re the future of cannabis post-harvest and commercial-scale processing equipment. Mobius builds industry-leading trimming machines, buckers, sorters, and mills that lower operating costs and increase cannabis flower quality. Precise. Fast. GMP-Ready.
Willow Industries is the industry leader in cannabis microbial control and post-harvest decontamination technology. Founded in 2015 by CEO Jill Ellsworth, the company is built on one simple principle: cultivators should be equipped with resources to provide patients and consumers with consistently safe cannabis. Their patented WillowPure systems use organic, ozone-based technology to reduce or eliminate contaminants such as yeast, mold and bacteria from cannabis, while protecting the medicinal properties of the plant. Based in Denver, CO, Willow’s services are available to licensed cultivators in the United States and across the globe via an innovative and accessible model that employs a holistic, turnkey approach for cultivators.
Cannatrol is the authority in cannabis dry, cure, and storage systems. Their patented technology expertly controls the environment based on the science of vapor pressure to ensure that your cannabis achieves its highest quality, potency, and value through the entire post-harvest process. Their mission is to provide superior drying, curing and storage technology to cultivators of all sizes.