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How To Setup Your New Machine

This step by step guide will take you through the uboxing and setup of your new Blackbird Rolling System. 

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How To Complete A Deep Clean

This simple tutorial will show you how to complete a deep clean on your Blackbird Rolling System.

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Scale Install And Removal

Need to replace or maintenance your scale? We have provided this step by step guide to successfully work on this component.

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Available Options

Get To Know Your Consumables

Wanting to better understand the different options we provide? 

Feel free to browse our crutch styles and paper types before purchasing.

Buy Your Consumables

One of the leading features of your new Blackbird is that it uses raw materials to create our premium prerolls. Purchasing is fast and easy with plenty of options!

Ready to place your consumables order now, get started below!

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Water Wick Replacement

How To Replace Your Water Wick

Straight forward guide for the removal and replacement of your machines water wick.

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How To Replace Your Main Belt

This short video tutorial walks your operators through the replacement of your main belt.