Application Engineer Job Description

Job Description:

The Application Engineer position will be focused around customer service by assessing customer and business needs, designing and testing machine equipment, and creating new hardware components. This position will be responsible for finding solutions that improve not only our product, but our customer’s overall experience. The Application Engineer will be a key member of our Product Development Team. Apply Now

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Gathering information from customers on their needs and designing software/hardware solutions to match their needs
  • Creating product support documentation
  • Building/updating troubleshooting guides
  • Making sure our clientele’s machines continue to work properly after installs, testing, and maintenance
  • Relay customer feedback to the Product Development Team to generate future upgrades and maintenance
  • Work with our Engineering Department to create diagrams and models for machine development
  • Leading research for projects and overseeing the progress of those projects
  • Helping clientele with troubleshooting
  • Generating customer service reports

The Application Engineer will be working heavily with our Operations Manager, Office Manager, Engineering Department, as well as our Technicians. They need to be innovative; always striving to make improvements to better our machine and customer service. The Application Engineer must have great communication skills as they will be a direct person of contact for support with our customers. They will play a primary role within our Customer Service Department, as well as being a key analyst within the Engineering Department working on product development.

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Minimum 3-5 years of experience in Application Engineering for Manufacturing or Tech based industries
  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering preferred
  • CAD software experience
  • Background in Customer Service and Project Management

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