October 03, 2021

by Sage Vasquez

why purchase a blackbird?

Blackbird Automated Pre-Roll Machine

If you own a cannabis shop or dispensary, you probably know how time-consuming the process of pre-roll production can be. Cannabis dispensaries and retailers are often looking for ways to increase their pre-roll workflow by turning to automation. Despite its history and widespread use, commercially pre-rolled cannabis often falls short of delivering an enjoyable smoking experience. It is not uncommon to hear about buyers who’ve had a terrible experience from a pre-roll. Harshness, uneven burning, or finding a pre-roll impossible to ignite are way too common. So, what can cannabis dispensaries and retailers do to deliver more consistent, quality pre-rolls? Purchase a Blackbird Rolling System. 

RollPros Blackbird Rolling System produces hundreds of pre-rolled joints, similar to those rolled by hand, in a short amount of time, with fewer touch-points and opportunities for material and product contamination.

There are a few commonly overlooked variables in pre-roll cone filling machines that make it difficult to deliver a consistent, optimized end product. It’s not only the ingredients, from flower to paper, that makes a cannabis joint work–the construction of the joint is equally significant. The cannabis flower needs to be broken into the right size pieces and packed to the correct density for an efficient draw. 

No matter how well-trained and careful employees are, human error remains a factor. Pre-rolling cannabis swiftly yet safely is a complicated task, which must be performed with great care. RollPros Blackbird Rolling System ensures higher quality control by adding precision to all processes, which, in the end, makes it easier for you to satisfy both customers and business needs alike. 

the benefits of purchasing a Blackbird Rolling System

1.Labor and overhead savings. The Blackbird Rolling System increases the efficiency and consistency of pre-rolled joints that staff cannot. The system can perform the work of multiple people, and since we’ve streamlined our processes, it also produces less material waste and reduces overhead costs.  

2.Faster return on investment (ROI). There are many investments cannabis pre-roll company owners can make to expand or improve business, but few have a quicker return on investment (ROI) than purchasing the Blackbird Rolling System. When automation solutions are centered, they lower operating costs, increase output, and reduce lead times, which quickly offset your initial investment in equipment and development costs. 

3.Competition. If you are considering custom-designed pre-rolls to elevate your brand, RollPros Blackbird Rolling System is the only automated pre-roll machine that allows manufacturers to select their own paper. In fact, it’s the only automated pre-roll system on the market that gives a brand complete control over the finished product. The RollPros system can manage varying grind sizes and complex pre-roll infusions as well. The system can be customized to your desired pre-roll tension—and unlike the competition, it will allow you to explore larger grind sizes and doesn’t require over-dried flower to run.

4.Quality. The Blackbird Rolling System employs RollPros patented TruRoll™ radial compaction method to deliver uniform, high-density pre-rolled joints—similar to those rolled by hand. In comparison, vibrating cone filling machines are an option with a relatively small initial investment, but the quality and consistency of these pre-rolled products suffer. Vibrating cone-filling machines produce inconsistent pre-rolls. Consistent quality pre-rolls will preserve your brand and create lasting bonds with patrons. 

5.Intelligence to Maximize Production. An intuitive HMI control panel keeps the Blackbird Rolling System fully automated, maximizing production capacity and efficiency, making it the smartest pre-roll system available.

6.Efficiency, quality, and consistency. Since automated machines don’t tire, and when properly programmed, they function without error; they produce a more accurate, repeatable, and high-quality product. The Blackbird Rolling System empowers cannabis business owners with more control and consistency in repeated pre-rolled processes so they can employ flexibility and innovation elsewhere in their business model. 

7.Efficient use of space. With space at a premium, facility managers are searching for ways to maximize floor space utilization. Another significant benefit of automating your pre-rolls with the Blackbird Rolling System is the ability to program the machine to work in confined spaces—ensuring valuable floor space isn’t wasted. 

8.Scalable. The Blackbird Rolling System is a versatile machine perfect for small to large operations. Engineered to scale up with your business, the unit is completely modular, so you can continue to add components as your needs change. The future RollPros’ product line will include more opportunities to customize and further automate your pre-roll process. 

Cannabis brands should consider RollPros Blackbird Rolling System instead of a vibrating cone filling machine or traditional labor. Vibrating pre-rolled cone filling machines produce substandard pre-rolls with fixed materials, which can constrain brands. When finances are tight, a Blackbird Rolling System can roll hundreds of joints in hours as opposed to paying staff to fill the same amount in days.

Why‌ ‌choose‌ ‌a‌ ‌Blackbird‌ ‌Rolling‌ ‌System‌ ‌over‌ ‌alternative‌ ‌automated‌ ‌pre-roll‌ ‌machines?‌
The Blackbird Rolling System produces hundreds of pre-rolled joints, similar to those rolled by hand, in a short amount of time. The system employs RollPros’ patented TruRoll™ radial compaction method to deliver uniform, high-density pre-rolled joints—similar to those rolled by hand. In comparison, alternative vibration pre-roll machines use vibratory force to fill pre-rolled paper cones. These first generation systems offer little to no customization and commonly produce inconsistent, lower-quality pre-rolls. Since the Blackbird is an industry-born system, it was specifically designed to tackle many of the quality and consistency issues currently plaguing commercial pre-roll production.
Does RollPros offer customer service?
Working with RollPros is much more than purchasing a Blackbird Rolling System–instead it's like gaining a relationship with another like-minded business who cares if our customers succeed. RollPros' customer service team works onsite, alongside our engineers, creating a unique environment equipped to provide personalized customer service to every client.
How much cannabis is in a pre-roll?
Store-bought pre-rolls typically contain a half to one gram of cannabis.
What is a cannabis pre-roll?
Cannabis pre-rolls contain pre-ground cannabis flower, rolled and ready-to-go. Pre-rolls are simply cannabis joints that have been rolled ahead of time for you. Standard pre-rolls contain three components: cannabis, wrapping (or rolling) paper, and a small filter (crutch) at the end that goes into your mouth. Sometimes, pre-rolls are infused or have other cannabis products to increase their potency or desired effect. Unlike bowls, bongs, or vapes, purchasing a pre-roll does not require any additional equipment or preparation. To smoke, a user simply lights the end and inhales.
How are cannabis pre-rolls categorized?
As with other cannabis flower products, there are different strains or varieties of pre-rolls you can purchase. The preferred type of cannabis derivative varies by customer and depends on their desired effect. Pre-rolls are typically categorized based on any combination of these cannabis plant derivatives: THC (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid), CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN.