September 22, 2021

by Sage Vasquez 

the science of a joint

Blackbird Automated Pre-Roll Machine

Joints are perhaps the most iconic way to enjoy cannabis, so it's not surprising when tokers search for ways to up their joint-rolling game. Many consider rolling a joint to be a craft, worthy of the time and skill taken to create by hand. I mean, who doesn't love passing a joint with friends? Seasoned tokers and newcomers seem to love its ceremonial-like attributes.

Despite marijuana’s long consumption history, combined with innovation, one would assume a technology exists that can replicate the quality of a hand rolled joint on a larger, commercial scale. Today, cannabis retail and dispensary cone filled pre-rolls often fall short of delivering an enjoyable smoking experience for the consumer. Uneven burning, harshness, and igniting difficulties are all too common, even when the best materials are used.  

In this series, RollPros™ engineers will share the science behind making a perfect joint, and how they used this science to create Blackbird™—the first fully automated joint rolling system. The Blackbird Rolling System is capable of producing consistent, quality, high-density pre-rolls similar to those of a seasoned hand joint roller on a commercial scale.