October 3, 2021

by Sage Vasquez

the benefits of automating your cannabis business

Blackbird Automated Pre-Roll Machine

Modern automation is the power that drives innovation across many industries—from farms to retail distribution centers. In the cannabis industry, automated systems and sophisticated machinery have become increasingly available to business owners—improving performance in cannabis cultivation, harvesting, processing, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution. 

automation is a technology that allows a task or workflow to be accomplished with minimal intervention by humans.

One tremendous advantage for modern-day entrepreneurs is the fluidity that currently defines the cannabis industry. Most cannabis businesses are still growing, learning, and experimenting. Implementing automated solutions is a natural move—and also an essential requirement—in an industry where new ideas are greeted with enthusiasm more than trepidation.

It’s no secret the success or failure of cannabis businesses will depend on their willingness and ability to use technologies. This industry is hitting its stride at a time of runaway technological acceleration. In the current climate, innovation is survival. Embracing automation allows early adopters an advanced familiarity with options, more time to analyze trends or issues, and set up an infrastructure capable of adding or upgrading additional automated systems in the future. Late adoption likely means playing catch-up indefinitely, with competitors who are already steps ahead.

  • Technology will drive the cannabis industry, and automation will be ubiquitous. 
  • Automation is likely to remain a core technology for cannabis, and those who don’t embrace it will be left behind. 
  • Automation will improve efficiency and product quality, which will ultimately maximize profits for businesses and everyone they employ.
  • Entrepreneurs in cannabis and automation have a golden opportunity to form a mutually beneficial, synergistic relationship. 

Each Blackbird is hand-crafted and machine-tooled to meet the demands of  purveyors and cultivators

Cannabis industry automation promises to streamline the total system while eliminating waste and increasing efficiency at every step—from production to the supply line. While a reluctance to purchase expensive machines and computer systems is understandable, over time, its impact on profits will make them brilliant investments. Thankfully, new technology is becoming more available and affordable all the time.

Keep in mind, many cannabis dispensaries and retailer pre-roll products fall short of delivering an enjoyable joint smoking experience. Harshness, uneven burning, and finding a joint impossible to ignite are typical grievances. Many inferior quality pre-rolls are produced with automated cone-filling technology. Make sure you research the latest innovations in pre-roll automation, like our Blackbird Rolling System. 

Since automation saves time, money, and energy, it creates an enormous number of advantages. Federal and State governments could also introduce new cannabis-related requirements associated with environmental impact, worker safety, seed-to-sale tracking, and transparency of business practices, and automated systems will be a valuable tool for compliance.