TruRoll™—Pick Your Grind Size

by Sage Vasquez October 18, 2021

TruRoll™—Pick Your Grind Size | RollPros
The current standard in cannabis pre-roll manufacturing is to pulverize cannabis flower into sand in order to fill pre-rolled cones evenly, but RollPros™ Blackbird™ is here to change that. Cones rely on physics—filling a pre-rolled cone evenly requires dispensaries and retail brands to grind their flower to the consistency of fine sand. This process strips the flower of all those marvelous trichomes and degrades its quality.

Commercial growers and dispensaries don’t enjoy grinding their flower to dust, but it's really been the only viable solution in pre-roll technology up until now. The engineers at RollPros have solved the issue with pre-rolled cones by removing them from the equation. Blackbird’s TruRoll™ technology uses automated radial compaction, creating an even density pre-roll worthy of being called a joint.

Blackbird’s TruRoll technology enables distributors to control and customize their cannabis pre-rolls, offering a better method to use flower.

Sage Vasquez
Sage Vasquez


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