Machines Tailored To Fit the Experience Not the Process

by Sage Vasquez October 02, 2021

Machines Tailored To Fit the Experience Not the Process | RollPros

With the rise of small and large cone-filling and packing machines, meeting large production pre-roll demands became a reality. Cone filling machines typically fill between 50 and 500 pre-rolls at a time and are efficient, fast, and cost-effective, saving you time and reducing labor costs. But these machines also come with many drawbacks. 

RollPros™ Blackbird™ Rolling System is ideal for high-quality commercial cannabis pre-roll production. It maximizes pre-roll joint production while preserving the integrity of the flower’s key active ingredients—all those flavonoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes—which are located primarily in the trichomes. These chemical compounds give the plant its unique features and effects and are often destroyed during other pre-roll production processes.

RollPros™ Blackbird™ Rolling System is Transforming the Perception of Cannabis Pre-rolls

RollPros optimized their Blackbird Rolling System to meet the challenges of cannabis’ physical properties while delivering consistent, reproducible, and uniform pre-rolled joints.
In contrast to automated cone-filling machines like those that use vibratory force, gravity, and volumetric filling to load ground flower into pre-made cones. Blackbird delivers the same standards with an increased level of accuracy, consistency, and product integrity as leading pharmaceutical fabrication, where process repeatability and product uniformity are principal.

Blackbird makes 750 joints per hour on average—individual performance may vary based on cannabis flower, grind size, bobbin material, desired joint weight, and size. This rolling system delivers significant time savings and operational cost reduction—ensuring greater pre-roll consistency, as well as batch-to-batch reproducibility. Blackbird makes the consistency of the final product easy to validate. This tight control helps cannabis dispensaries and retailers to optimize the efficiency of each pre-roll and maximizes the caliber of every joint that emerges from its system. 

Each Blackbird is hand-crafted and machine-tooled to meet the demands of this new generation of purveyors and cultivators of cannabis—from speed and efficiency to consistency and product quality. RollPros is leading the cannabis industry with an integrated suite of innovative new solutions. 

Sage Vasquez
Sage Vasquez


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