by Sage Vasquez April 28, 2022

The Benefits Of Using A Crutch

Blackbird Automated Pre-Roll Machine

For many, rolling a proper joint is an art. Not only does the joint need to aesthetically look the part, but it also needs to draw well and burn evenly to the end. A joint rolled with half the effort can turn out to be a momentum killer when you puff, puff, pass. One way to quickly level up a joint’s smoking experience is by using a crutch also called a tip or filter. Not only does the crutch keep all that unwanted ash from being inhaled, but also helps the joint burn more efficiently. 

Additional advantages to using a crutch include:

Crutches provide many benefits such as a clean draw, and provides structural integrity while reducing waste. 

Structural Integrity. First and foremost, when learning how to roll a joint using a crutch will ease the process. It can take some time, patience, and a lot of trial and error before you’re able to roll an enjoyable joint. Using a crutch eases the learning curve by adding structure and keeping its contents in place.

A Clean Draw. Smoking an unfiltered joint comes with the inherent risk of ashes or loosely packed cannabis ending up in your mouth, or at the back of your throat. A crutch filters out the unwanted ash giving you a clean draw from start to finish. 

Reduces Waste. Adding a crutch to the end of a joint allows tokers to smoke it to the end--ensuring no delicious cannabis goes to waste. Many are reusable, reducing landfill waste as well.

Better Airflow. A crutch can improve a joint’s airflow—allowing it to burn more evenly.

Nice and Cool. Crutches also extend the length of a joint, changing its overall experience by increasing the distance of the joint’s ember to your mouth, resulting in cooler, less harsh hits.

30k 8mm M/W Style Crutches - RollPros
30k 8mm M/W Style Crutches - RollPros
30k 8mm M/W Style Crutches - RollPros
30k 8mm M/W Style Crutches - RollPros

30k 8mm M/W Style Crutches

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