The Issue(s) with Pre-rolled Cones

by Sage Vasquez September 30, 2021

The Issue(s) with Pre-rolled Cones | RollPros

Yesterday, as I was sharing a pre-rolled cone with a stoner bud, things went sideways. A few tokes in the cone’s paper caught fire along the side and exposed a lengthy, knotty stem that stopped the joint from burning altogether. Unfortunately, issues like this occur all too often with cone shaped pre-rolls. Pre-rolls have a reputation for being made of harsh, leafy, staling cannabis material and trim. Even when a pre-roll contains premium, top-tier materials, many sit on the dispensary shelf or in your stash box long past their expiration date. Cannabinoids degrade, terpenes age and breakdown, and the quality of the pre-roll will continue to deteriorate the longer it goes unsmoked.

Regardless of their quality issues, pre-rolls are super-convenient, inexpensive, ready-made, and, more importantly, here to stay. Newcomers to cannabis, especially those visiting a dispensary for the first time, can't seem to resist the appeal of this novelty-like product. Here’s why:

Inexpensive. Pre-rolls are generally the least expensive item at a dispensary. Shoppers often receive free or penny pre-rolls when purchasing over a specific dollar amount. Sometimes buyers get more cannabis for the price and with the assortment of strains out there, there’s also a lot to try. Purchasing large amounts of a strain you've never tried is a gamble. What if you don't enjoy it? Buying an inexpensive pre-roll made from a strain you want to try is a safer bet. 

Convenience. The best thing about a pre-roll is its convenience—you can walk out of a cannabis retailer and start puffing one within seconds. Pre-rolls are portable, ready-to-smoke, and require no additional skill or paraphernalia. Users can gauge their high instantaneously as they smoke, unlike edibles which have a delayed onset. Additionally, tokers who don’t know how to hand-roll their own joints can still enjoy a decent pre-roll when a craving arises.

The Issues with Pre-rolls 

So, remember earlier when I mentioned the super convenient pre-roll also has a poor reputation? You know the type of reputation for containing low-quality, harsh, leafy, staling cannabis material and trim. Cannabis retail and dispensary pre-rolls continually fall short of delivering enjoyable smoking experiences. While stoners with a more discerning cannabis palate tend to avoid pre-rolls altogether.

Here’s the problem(s) with pre-rolls:

Poor materials. Many times, the quality of cannabis inside a pre-roll is inferior. Pre-rolls are commonly made with any combination of popcorn nugs, leaf, trim, and crude oil. Materials that are known for causing ignition, hitting, and burning issues in joints. Similar to cannabis vapes and cartridges, pre-rolled joints are a great way for cannabis retailers to disguise products that don’t sell on their own. 

Poor construction. Pre-rolls are often mass-produced using pre-constructed cones. Very little attention is paid to the final product or its desired experience. Unfortunately, runs in the paper and an uneven burn is par for the course.

RollPros™ Blackbird™ Rolling System is Transforming the Perception of Cannabis Pre-rolls

RollPros™ has solved the pre-roll problem by producing Premium PreRolls™ by introducing a machine that knows how to roll a joint properly while mimicking the hand rolled results. Through even density rolling, we’ve created a Premium PreRoll™ that burns consistently from the first draw to the last. No longer do you have to worry about inconsistencies in your pre-rolls, thus leading to a poor smoking experience.

Cannabis newcomers go for pre-rolls because they are inexpensive, convenient in the fast-food kind of way, and are a cost-effective way to try new strains or fun top-shelf options. On the other hand, more experienced cannabis consumers usually opt out of pre-rolls because they contain low-grade flowers and the rolling machines still haven’t learned to roll a joint properly. 

Sage Vasquez
Sage Vasquez


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